29 « Oprération de néttoyage à Sidi Amar »


Dans le cadre des actions de citoyenneté, SIDER EL HADJAR était souvent sollicité pour aider plusieurs organismes dans leurs différentes activités.

Dans ce sens, le président de l’APC de Sidi Amar a adressé une demande à notre Direction Générale, pour une participation dans l’opération de nettoyage du 29 et 30 Août 2018.

Pour la réussite de cette opération, SIDER EL HADJAR a mobilisé des moyens humains ( 05 agents de désherbage avec outillages nécessaires), et moyens matériels :

 -      10 camions 20 Tonnes à bennes basculantes avec ridelles,

-       03 chargeurs (Mechigans) 5M3,

-       02 BOB-CAT (Mini-chargeur),

-       01 Pelle à godet pneumatique 1.5M3,

-       400 sacs de la chaux éteinte.

Cette action a touché les quartiers de la commune de Sidi Amar : UV 1/2/3/4/5/12 – Cité 920 logts – Ecole primaire BAHI AMAR – Ecole primaire BELHAOUASS.

 « La propreté demeure une priorité pour SIDER EL HADJAR »

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18/11/2020 21:21:07

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16/11/2020 08:19:50

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16/11/2020 08:19:07

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16/11/2020 08:18:50

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16/11/2020 08:18:37

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16/11/2020 05:36:03

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16/11/2020 05:35:41

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16/11/2020 05:35:31

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16/11/2020 04:51:07

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16/11/2020 04:50:49

54 Could I have a statement, please? strattera vs wellbutrin Mr McClymont, the Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East MP, said: “These figures make clear that the SNP have created another black hole in Scotland's future. Alex Salmond and John Swinney are wanting all of us to take a gamble on our future and use our pensions as the stake.”

16/11/2020 04:50:37

55 I can't stand football how to get ataraxia “I’m a student of the game and I just know what it takes to win,” Rolle says. “I’ve won on every level that I’ve been playing football. I know what to look for within myself, I know what to look for within the team that I’m playing on. I’m able to look up and down the sidelines and see a lot of different things. I analyze a lot. I think a lot. And more importantly I try to do whatever I can do to help.

16/11/2020 04:50:27

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16/11/2020 04:07:57

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16/11/2020 04:07:44

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16/11/2020 04:07:29

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16/11/2020 04:07:10

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16/11/2020 03:27:23

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16/11/2020 03:27:16

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16/11/2020 03:27:05

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16/11/2020 03:26:55

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16/11/2020 03:26:44

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16/11/2020 02:39:20

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16/11/2020 02:39:06

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16/11/2020 02:38:51

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16/11/2020 02:38:37

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16/11/2020 02:38:22

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16/11/2020 01:57:06

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16/11/2020 01:56:47

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16/11/2020 01:56:33

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16/11/2020 01:56:17

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16/11/2020 01:56:02

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16/11/2020 01:39:29

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16/11/2020 01:39:12

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16/11/2020 01:39:00

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16/11/2020 01:38:25

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16/11/2020 01:37:43

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16/11/2020 01:37:39

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16/11/2020 01:37:31

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16/11/2020 01:37:26

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16/11/2020 01:37:16

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16/11/2020 01:37:15

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16/11/2020 01:37:03

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16/11/2020 01:37:03

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16/11/2020 01:36:54

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16/11/2020 01:36:47

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16/11/2020 01:35:34

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16/11/2020 01:35:16

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16/11/2020 01:35:11

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16/11/2020 01:35:01

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16/11/2020 01:34:49

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16/11/2020 01:34:44

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16/11/2020 01:34:29

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16/11/2020 01:34:27

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16/11/2020 01:34:13

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16/11/2020 01:33:58

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16/11/2020 01:32:35

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16/11/2020 01:32:25

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16/11/2020 01:32:12

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16/11/2020 01:32:00

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16/11/2020 01:31:46

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16/11/2020 01:31:39

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16/11/2020 01:31:27

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16/11/2020 01:31:22

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16/11/2020 01:31:11

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16/11/2020 01:31:05

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16/11/2020 01:30:56

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16/11/2020 01:30:49

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16/11/2020 01:30:41

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16/11/2020 01:30:32

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16/11/2020 01:30:20

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16/11/2020 01:27:49

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16/11/2020 01:27:44

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16/11/2020 01:27:32

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16/11/2020 01:27:30

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16/11/2020 01:27:19

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16/11/2020 01:27:19

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16/11/2020 01:27:18

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16/11/2020 01:27:15

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16/11/2020 01:27:06

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16/11/2020 01:27:05

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16/11/2020 01:27:01

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16/11/2020 01:26:59

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16/11/2020 01:26:57

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16/11/2020 01:26:46

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16/11/2020 01:26:46

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16/11/2020 01:26:46

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16/11/2020 01:26:33

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16/11/2020 01:26:31

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16/11/2020 01:26:18

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16/11/2020 01:26:14

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16/11/2020 01:25:51

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16/11/2020 01:25:38

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16/11/2020 01:25:22

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16/11/2020 01:25:10

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16/11/2020 01:24:54

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16/11/2020 01:23:21

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16/11/2020 01:23:06

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16/11/2020 01:22:54

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16/11/2020 01:22:40

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16/11/2020 01:22:40

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16/11/2020 01:22:38

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16/11/2020 01:22:29

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16/11/2020 01:22:24

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16/11/2020 01:22:23

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16/11/2020 01:22:18

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16/11/2020 01:22:07

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16/11/2020 01:22:06

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16/11/2020 01:21:58

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16/11/2020 01:21:47

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16/11/2020 01:21:30

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16/11/2020 01:19:16

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16/11/2020 01:19:01

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16/11/2020 01:19:00

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16/11/2020 01:18:44

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16/11/2020 01:18:43

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16/11/2020 01:18:28

162 Could you give me some smaller notes? provera pode aborta Dr Kieran Breen, from the charity Parkinson's UK, said people with Parkinson's should not treat themselves with statins unless advised to do so by their doctors. But he thought statins could point the way for research leading to new treatments for the disease, which affects around 127,000 people in the UK.

16/11/2020 01:18:28

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16/11/2020 01:18:14

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16/11/2020 01:18:13

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16/11/2020 01:17:55

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16/11/2020 01:17:26

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16/11/2020 01:17:19

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16/11/2020 01:17:02

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16/11/2020 01:16:56

171 I'm originally from Dublin but now live in Edinburgh xenical orlistat kaufen Johnson's family and friends had long suspected that his death was the result of foul play. As Maness told the paper, "Nobody is shocked at all ... She’d been telling people she knew she never wanted to be married, she just wanted to have a wedding, and that’s apparently what they were arguing about."

16/11/2020 01:15:40

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16/11/2020 01:15:27

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16/11/2020 01:15:16

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16/11/2020 01:15:02

175 A packet of envelopes actos 15 mg tabletten "We had a love-hate relationship,'' Grassley said, "but he's a great American. He had a lot of credibility, because he wasn't seen as a news hound out looking for publicity. He worked in a quiet way.''

16/11/2020 01:14:47

176 We'll need to take up references atorvastatin side effects forum It has some oil and gas and a developing gold mining sector, but relies on imports for most of its energy needs. Resentment at widespread poverty and ethnic divisions between north and south occasionally spill over into violence, and the country's first two post-Soviet presidents were swept from power by popular discontent.

16/11/2020 01:13:48

177 I'd like to change some money how to come off cialis But Obama also has insisted that the United States must be confident that its remaining weapons will work as it attempts negotiate smaller and smaller nuclear arsenals with other atomic weapons states.

16/11/2020 01:13:37

178 We've got a joint account promethazine vc with codeine side effects Just last month, Alexis called Rhode Island cops from a hotel room and told them he was being pursued by a sinister trio who were using a "microwave machine" to send "vibrations into his body."

16/11/2020 01:13:25

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16/11/2020 01:13:13

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16/11/2020 01:13:00

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16/11/2020 01:12:31

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16/11/2020 01:12:21

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16/11/2020 01:12:12

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16/11/2020 01:12:05

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16/11/2020 01:11:57

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16/11/2020 01:11:40

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16/11/2020 01:11:25

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16/11/2020 01:11:12

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16/11/2020 01:10:58

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16/11/2020 01:10:42

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16/11/2020 01:09:45

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16/11/2020 01:09:34

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16/11/2020 01:09:04

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16/11/2020 01:08:53

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16/11/2020 01:07:14

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16/11/2020 01:07:00

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16/11/2020 01:06:42

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16/11/2020 01:06:29

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16/11/2020 01:06:22

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16/11/2020 01:06:09

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16/11/2020 01:06:08

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16/11/2020 01:05:56

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16/11/2020 01:05:42

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16/11/2020 01:03:50

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16/11/2020 01:03:38

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16/11/2020 01:03:26

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16/11/2020 01:03:12

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16/11/2020 01:03:01

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16/11/2020 01:02:55

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16/11/2020 01:02:46

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16/11/2020 01:02:37

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16/11/2020 01:02:28

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16/11/2020 01:02:18

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16/11/2020 01:02:07

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16/11/2020 01:01:54

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16/11/2020 01:01:42

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16/11/2020 01:01:29

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16/11/2020 01:01:16

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16/11/2020 00:59:58

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16/11/2020 00:59:44

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16/11/2020 00:59:36

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16/11/2020 00:59:19

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16/11/2020 00:59:10

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16/11/2020 00:54:53

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16/11/2020 00:54:39

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16/11/2020 00:54:28

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16/11/2020 00:54:21

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16/11/2020 00:54:16

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16/11/2020 00:54:08

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16/11/2020 00:53:55

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16/11/2020 00:53:42

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16/11/2020 00:53:37

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16/11/2020 00:53:21

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16/11/2020 00:53:14

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16/11/2020 00:53:08

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16/11/2020 00:53:05

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16/11/2020 00:52:57

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16/11/2020 00:52:51

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16/11/2020 00:52:32

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16/11/2020 00:52:10

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16/11/2020 00:52:00

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16/11/2020 00:51:41

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16/11/2020 00:50:12

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16/11/2020 00:49:59

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16/11/2020 00:49:45

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16/11/2020 00:49:33

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16/11/2020 00:48:14

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16/11/2020 00:48:02

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16/11/2020 00:47:52

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16/11/2020 00:47:42

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16/11/2020 00:47:31

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16/11/2020 00:47:03

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16/11/2020 00:46:55

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16/11/2020 00:46:45

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16/11/2020 00:46:38

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16/11/2020 00:46:31

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16/11/2020 00:44:50

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16/11/2020 00:44:42

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16/11/2020 00:44:30

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16/11/2020 00:44:19

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16/11/2020 00:44:07

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16/11/2020 00:43:54

271 One moment, please lexapro price in pakistan Google Glass is certainly an imposition on your face. Those of us who wear glasses out of necessity don't think of spectacles as desireable, and it's not likely Glass will change our opinion. Flicking your head and looking up at the private screen is also inherently awkward. Then there's the creep factor. The minute someone notices you've got a pair of Google goggles on your face, they start backing away (or ask you a lot of nerdy questions...and then start backing away).

16/11/2020 00:43:47

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16/11/2020 00:43:40

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16/11/2020 00:43:32

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16/11/2020 00:43:24

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16/11/2020 00:42:33

276 Until August meloxicam vs ibuprofen for inflammation Perhaps best known to Americans as the scene of the disastrous "Blackhawk Down" battle in Mogadishu 20 years ago this week, the country is back in headlines after a failed raid by SEALS to capture a leader of the al Shabaab Islamist militant group on Saturday.

16/11/2020 00:42:21

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16/11/2020 00:42:13

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16/11/2020 00:42:09

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16/11/2020 00:42:01

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16/11/2020 00:41:57

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16/11/2020 00:41:47

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16/11/2020 00:41:46

283 Whereabouts are you from? levitra dosage compared to viagra If adjustment remains a mystery, or you need a little help with the process, call the Exam Results Helpline, on 0808 100 8000. Explain your situation and they'll calmly talk you through your options and comment impartially on your situation. They won't find a place or course for you, nor is it their job to, but an advisor will help you make up your mind about what to do.

16/11/2020 00:41:34

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16/11/2020 00:41:23

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16/11/2020 00:40:43

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16/11/2020 00:40:40

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16/11/2020 00:40:29

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16/11/2020 00:40:21

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16/11/2020 00:40:10

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16/11/2020 00:39:59

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16/11/2020 00:38:50

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16/11/2020 00:38:40

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16/11/2020 00:38:30

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16/11/2020 00:38:20

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16/11/2020 00:38:08

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16/11/2020 00:37:35

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16/11/2020 00:37:27

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16/11/2020 00:37:20

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16/11/2020 00:37:13

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16/11/2020 00:37:06

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16/11/2020 00:36:51

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16/11/2020 00:36:41

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16/11/2020 00:36:30

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16/11/2020 00:36:19

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16/11/2020 00:36:11

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16/11/2020 00:34:49

307 In a meeting ogoplex at walgreens Contador is now nearly four minutes adrift but he produced a better time trial than in the recent Criterium du Dauphine and still believes his traditionally strong third week will provide problems for Froome.

16/11/2020 00:34:43

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16/11/2020 00:34:33

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16/11/2020 00:34:25

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16/11/2020 00:34:17

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16/11/2020 00:33:01

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16/11/2020 00:32:45

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16/11/2020 00:32:38

314 Hold the line, please propecia for hair loss dosage The Internet and social media in Kenya, which played a central role in this year's elections by allowing Kenyans to question candidates, took on a new function Tuesday—spreading messages of peace to avert new bloodshed.

16/11/2020 00:32:26

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16/11/2020 00:32:13

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16/11/2020 00:30:50

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16/11/2020 00:30:42

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16/11/2020 00:30:32

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16/11/2020 00:30:19

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16/11/2020 00:30:09

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16/11/2020 00:30:07

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16/11/2020 00:30:01

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16/11/2020 00:29:53

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16/11/2020 00:29:47

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16/11/2020 00:29:40

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16/11/2020 00:29:37

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16/11/2020 00:29:31

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16/11/2020 00:29:25

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16/11/2020 00:29:22

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16/11/2020 00:29:21

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16/11/2020 00:29:13

332 I can't stand football fertility blend for men “I’m as surprised as you are. I heard when the game was over that I got the win. I didn’t even pay attention to that. I thought it was a mistake,” a smiling Rivera said before the Yanks lost to the Red Sox, 8-4, Friday night. “There’s no clarification for them to do (it). It is what it is. Baseball is just the way it is.

16/11/2020 00:29:10

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16/11/2020 00:29:01

334 Nice to meet you how does vigora 50 work The program was first launched to combat a national measles crisis in the late 1980s, Schuchat explained, when a vaccination gap was evident in preschoolers who would get turned away from pediatricians because parents could not afford shots, only to be referred to a community health clinic where the families might not show up.

16/11/2020 00:28:50

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16/11/2020 00:28:42

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16/11/2020 00:28:26

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16/11/2020 00:28:18

338 I'm on business gurunanda tower diffuser reviews “Now it’s time for us to lift him up and keep encouraging him,” he added. “Eli’s a competitor. He’s trying to do anything possible in order to give us a win. The last play where the interception was, it was just a bad throw. He’s human. It wasn’t a bad read. It wasn’t a mis-timing. The ball just sailed a little bit. We all (make mistakes).”

16/11/2020 00:28:10

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16/11/2020 00:28:04

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16/11/2020 00:27:58

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16/11/2020 00:27:38

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16/11/2020 00:27:27

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16/11/2020 00:27:17

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16/11/2020 00:27:04

345 I'm unemployed para que sirve el lopid de 300 mg Speaking before details about Thompson's evidence to the committee had been made public, Hodge said she had seen evidence of "total chaos" at an organisation more concerned with its public image than licence fee payers' money.

16/11/2020 00:26:53

346 I can't get through at the moment how to get abilify samples Of a million things President Obama could use his second term in office to fix, he has maybe 10 slots — 10 real chances to advance the debate about a topic, even to advance policy, even while Washington is at its sclerotic worst. Drug law reform has always been on the president's to-do list. This I know from a series of conversations with some of his senior policy advisers during the first term. Because Obama's Justice Department has not stopped enforcing federal drug laws even as Americans are evolving quickly on the issue, and because Obama himself has not yet used one of those presidential attention-getting arrows he has, my prediction that he would move in his second term to attack the prison-drug-race nexus has been dismissed as wishful thinking, or, worse, something I just made up.

16/11/2020 00:25:51

347 Who do you work for? When the salaries commission this year cut legislators' pay, parliamentarians responded by threatening to impeach the commissioners. Protesters spilled cow blood, released nearly three dozen piglets at an entrance of the parliament buildings and began calling MPs "MPigs." In January hundreds of demonstrators set fire to 221 coffins, representing the number of parliamentarians, outside parliament's main entrance.

16/11/2020 00:25:42

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16/11/2020 00:25:41

349 Incorrect PIN what is amoxicillin trihydrate 500mg used for “Here is something I must say to my people who stand on the warm threshold which leads to the palace of Justice,” King said on that steamy summer day. “In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.”

16/11/2020 00:25:35

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16/11/2020 00:25:32

351 Another year buy buspar online no prescription The drumbeats of a new Western military intervention in the Middle East are beating louder and louder. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday it was “undeniable” that chemical weapons had been used in an attack last week in Damascus. Meanwhile, the British foreign secretary said the UK and its allies could launch a military intervention without the approval of the United Nations. This is because a U.N. resolution authorising an attack on Syria would almost certainly be blocked by Russia.

16/11/2020 00:25:28

352 A staff restaurant aciphex canada price Minetti said: "A serious implication is to stimulate thinking about the discrepancy between the (relatively fast) timing of space exploration and the long-lasting evolution that would be required to adapt actual living beings to locomote in different gravity environments."

16/11/2020 00:25:24

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16/11/2020 00:25:22

354 I like watching football cvs nexium generic Celebs aren't afraid to get a little sexy when it comes to ad campaigns. Whether they're flaunting their curves in sizzling lingerie or showing off their modeling chops in sultry high-fashion shoots,...

16/11/2020 00:25:16

355 Free medical insurance comment acheter du viagra au maroc The 33-year-old NBA star was caught on camera rather calmly chucking a photographer's camera equipment from his car into the middle of a Hollywood street. He then turned to another paparazzo's car and began hitting it with a metal camera stand. Finally he picked up some of their equipment and proceeded to walk off with it.

16/11/2020 00:25:14

356 I'd like to pay this in, please operations specialist resume examples "The indictment returned today alleges the Giudices lied to the bankruptcy court, to the IRS and to a number of banks," U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said. "Everyone has an obligation to tell the truth when dealing with the courts, paying their taxes and applying for loans or mortgages. That's reality."

16/11/2020 00:21:44

357 I went to levothyroxine 0.1 mg tablet However, Tesco's modest tablet brings the supermarket's own services at the forefront, with a dedicated Tesco key that offers instant access to the firm's online store and services, such as its Blinkbox video streaming service. A loyal Tesco shopper could also get the supermarket slate for as little as £60 worth of Tesco Clubcard points, so depending on where you buy your leeks, you might find that Tesco offers a better deal overall.

16/11/2020 00:21:34

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16/11/2020 00:21:26

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16/11/2020 00:21:15

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16/11/2020 00:19:21

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16/11/2020 00:19:14

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16/11/2020 00:19:10

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16/11/2020 00:19:02

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16/11/2020 00:18:51

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16/11/2020 00:18:47

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16/11/2020 00:18:40

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16/11/2020 00:18:38

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16/11/2020 00:18:15

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16/11/2020 00:18:07

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16/11/2020 00:18:02

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16/11/2020 00:17:57

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16/11/2020 00:17:54

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16/11/2020 00:17:46

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16/11/2020 00:17:36

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16/11/2020 00:16:37

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16/11/2020 00:16:26

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16/11/2020 00:16:10

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16/11/2020 00:16:00

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16/11/2020 00:15:03

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16/11/2020 00:14:44

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16/11/2020 00:14:25

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16/11/2020 00:09:42

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16/11/2020 00:08:22

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16/11/2020 00:08:15

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16/11/2020 00:07:33

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16/11/2020 00:07:22

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16/11/2020 00:07:16

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16/11/2020 00:07:09

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16/11/2020 00:07:07

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16/11/2020 00:06:55

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16/11/2020 00:06:35

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16/11/2020 00:06:21

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16/11/2020 00:06:13

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16/11/2020 00:05:27

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16/11/2020 00:05:14

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16/11/2020 00:05:07

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16/11/2020 00:04:17

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16/11/2020 00:03:52

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15/11/2020 23:59:49

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15/11/2020 23:59:45

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15/11/2020 23:59:29

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15/11/2020 23:58:39

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15/11/2020 23:58:22

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15/11/2020 23:56:34

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15/11/2020 23:56:21

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15/11/2020 23:56:14

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15/11/2020 23:55:59

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15/11/2020 23:55:54

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15/11/2020 23:55:52

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15/11/2020 23:55:46

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15/11/2020 23:55:10

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15/11/2020 23:54:44

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15/11/2020 23:53:37

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15/11/2020 23:53:25

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15/11/2020 23:51:28

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15/11/2020 23:51:23

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15/11/2020 23:47:46

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15/11/2020 23:47:22

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15/11/2020 23:46:18

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15/11/2020 23:46:13

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15/11/2020 23:46:00

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15/11/2020 23:45:21

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15/11/2020 23:45:07

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15/11/2020 23:45:02

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15/11/2020 23:44:56

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15/11/2020 23:44:50

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15/11/2020 23:44:47

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15/11/2020 23:44:41

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15/11/2020 23:44:37

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15/11/2020 23:43:49

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15/11/2020 23:43:43

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15/11/2020 23:43:38

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15/11/2020 23:43:32

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15/11/2020 23:43:22

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15/11/2020 23:43:16

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15/11/2020 23:43:12

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15/11/2020 23:43:07

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15/11/2020 23:43:02

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15/11/2020 23:41:39

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15/11/2020 23:41:34

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15/11/2020 23:41:30

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15/11/2020 23:41:26

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15/11/2020 23:41:22

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15/11/2020 23:39:12

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15/11/2020 23:39:07

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15/11/2020 23:39:03

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15/11/2020 23:38:51

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15/11/2020 23:37:11

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15/11/2020 23:37:06

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15/11/2020 23:36:55

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15/11/2020 23:36:51

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15/11/2020 23:35:59

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15/11/2020 23:35:52

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15/11/2020 23:35:27

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15/11/2020 23:35:13

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15/11/2020 23:35:09

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15/11/2020 23:35:09

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15/11/2020 23:35:03

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15/11/2020 23:35:00

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15/11/2020 23:34:54

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15/11/2020 23:34:10

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15/11/2020 23:33:09

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15/11/2020 23:33:03

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15/11/2020 23:33:00

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15/11/2020 23:32:32

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15/11/2020 23:27:41

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15/11/2020 23:27:37

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