53 « Les élections du comité de participation de SIDER EL HADJAR »


Dans le cadre de la préparation des élections des délégués du personnel et le comité de participation de l’entreprise, un vote s’est déroulé le 25/02/2019 pour désigner les 77 membres répartis sur 17 lieux distincts de travail à travers l’usine.

Le 28/02/2019, une commission électorale a procédé à l’installation des 77 délégués, qui ont ensuite choisis le comité de participation composé de 15 membres et la désignation de monsieur Djemai Riad en qualité de président du CP de SIDER EL HADJAR.

Le 07 mars 2019, les membres du comité de participation ont choisi parmi eux le bureau du CP composé de 09 membres y compris le président.


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25/11/2020 21:32:50

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25/11/2020 21:32:37

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25/11/2020 21:32:26

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25/11/2020 18:56:50

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25/11/2020 18:56:42

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25/11/2020 18:56:33

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25/11/2020 18:56:22

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25/11/2020 18:56:11

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25/11/2020 11:48:58

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25/11/2020 11:48:47

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25/11/2020 11:47:58

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25/11/2020 09:53:10

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25/11/2020 09:52:52

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25/11/2020 09:52:38

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25/11/2020 09:52:22

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25/11/2020 09:52:07

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25/11/2020 08:59:24

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25/11/2020 08:59:08

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25/11/2020 08:58:48

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25/11/2020 08:02:58

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25/11/2020 08:02:46

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25/11/2020 08:02:34

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25/11/2020 08:02:04

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25/11/2020 03:13:09

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25/11/2020 03:13:02

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25/11/2020 03:12:53

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25/11/2020 03:12:44

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25/11/2020 03:12:35

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25/11/2020 02:37:19

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25/11/2020 02:37:11

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25/11/2020 02:07:38

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25/11/2020 02:07:20

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25/11/2020 02:07:06

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25/11/2020 02:06:52

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25/11/2020 02:06:41

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25/11/2020 02:06:35

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25/11/2020 02:06:24

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25/11/2020 02:06:12

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25/11/2020 02:06:01

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25/11/2020 02:05:52

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25/11/2020 02:01:00

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25/11/2020 02:00:33

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25/11/2020 02:00:17

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25/11/2020 01:59:58

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25/11/2020 01:59:25

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25/11/2020 01:59:23

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25/11/2020 01:59:20

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25/11/2020 01:58:51

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25/11/2020 01:58:49

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25/11/2020 01:58:47

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25/11/2020 01:58:31

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25/11/2020 01:58:18

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25/11/2020 01:58:17

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25/11/2020 01:57:50

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25/11/2020 01:57:07

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25/11/2020 01:56:48

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25/11/2020 01:56:31

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25/11/2020 01:56:12

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25/11/2020 01:56:00

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25/11/2020 01:55:38

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25/11/2020 01:55:12

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25/11/2020 01:52:56

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25/11/2020 01:51:45

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25/11/2020 01:51:41

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25/11/2020 01:51:33

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25/11/2020 01:51:07

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25/11/2020 01:51:04

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25/11/2020 01:50:32

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25/11/2020 01:50:01

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25/11/2020 01:49:55

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25/11/2020 01:49:47

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25/11/2020 01:49:34

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25/11/2020 01:49:24

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25/11/2020 01:49:11

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25/11/2020 01:49:09

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25/11/2020 01:49:01

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25/11/2020 01:48:38

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25/11/2020 01:48:33

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25/11/2020 01:48:28

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25/11/2020 01:47:57

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25/11/2020 01:46:58

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25/11/2020 01:46:37

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25/11/2020 01:46:02

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25/11/2020 01:45:59

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25/11/2020 01:45:28

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25/11/2020 01:44:21

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25/11/2020 01:42:55

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25/11/2020 01:42:18

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25/11/2020 01:41:52

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25/11/2020 01:41:35

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25/11/2020 01:41:31

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25/11/2020 01:41:03

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25/11/2020 01:40:54

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25/11/2020 01:40:24

142 Is this a temporary or permanent position? sleepwell memory foam topper review “They called themselves cultural attaches,” he says. “I met with the head of the CIA several times and made it clear to him what I was doing so he understood there was no military operation going on. He’d ask me questions about the propellent.” Manougian says his work was an open book. “There were no secrets and I was eager to demonstrate the peaceful and scientific nature in the uses of rocketry.” One time he deliberately placed a paperweight on top of some papers on his desk and when he returned they had been messed up. “Next time I left a note on my desk in large letters saying my filing cabinet was open and my papers were available to look at, but please do not mess up my desk.”

25/11/2020 01:39:48

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25/11/2020 01:39:15

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25/11/2020 01:38:23

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25/11/2020 01:37:04

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25/11/2020 01:36:43

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25/11/2020 01:36:36

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25/11/2020 01:36:05

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25/11/2020 01:36:05

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25/11/2020 01:35:34

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25/11/2020 01:35:23

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25/11/2020 01:34:45

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25/11/2020 01:34:16

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25/11/2020 01:33:39

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25/11/2020 01:33:26

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25/11/2020 01:33:18

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25/11/2020 01:33:08

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25/11/2020 01:33:07

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25/11/2020 01:33:05

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25/11/2020 01:32:50

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25/11/2020 01:32:18

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25/11/2020 01:32:15

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25/11/2020 01:32:07

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25/11/2020 01:32:02

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25/11/2020 01:31:53

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25/11/2020 01:31:41

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25/11/2020 01:31:29

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25/11/2020 01:31:07

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25/11/2020 01:30:54

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25/11/2020 01:30:00

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25/11/2020 01:29:36

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25/11/2020 01:29:28

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25/11/2020 01:29:28

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25/11/2020 01:28:58

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25/11/2020 01:28:31

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25/11/2020 01:28:30

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25/11/2020 01:28:18

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25/11/2020 01:28:01

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25/11/2020 01:27:43

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25/11/2020 01:27:04

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25/11/2020 01:26:41

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25/11/2020 01:26:38

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25/11/2020 01:26:07

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25/11/2020 01:26:05

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25/11/2020 01:26:05

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25/11/2020 01:25:32

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25/11/2020 01:24:57

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25/11/2020 01:24:21

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25/11/2020 01:24:19

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25/11/2020 01:24:09

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25/11/2020 01:23:50

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25/11/2020 01:23:35

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25/11/2020 01:23:14

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25/11/2020 01:23:07

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25/11/2020 01:22:32

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25/11/2020 01:22:05

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25/11/2020 01:21:26

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25/11/2020 01:21:21

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25/11/2020 01:16:30

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25/11/2020 01:16:16

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25/11/2020 01:12:31

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25/11/2020 01:12:02

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25/11/2020 01:11:32

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25/11/2020 01:10:58

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25/11/2020 01:10:01

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25/11/2020 01:09:31

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25/11/2020 01:09:15

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25/11/2020 01:09:02

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25/11/2020 01:08:41

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25/11/2020 01:08:15

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25/11/2020 01:07:29

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25/11/2020 01:07:28

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25/11/2020 01:06:56

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25/11/2020 01:06:56

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25/11/2020 01:06:20

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25/11/2020 01:04:54

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25/11/2020 01:04:52

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25/11/2020 01:04:29

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25/11/2020 01:03:56

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25/11/2020 01:03:31

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25/11/2020 01:02:56

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25/11/2020 01:02:28

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25/11/2020 01:01:52

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25/11/2020 00:59:42

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25/11/2020 00:58:45

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25/11/2020 00:58:43

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25/11/2020 00:56:07

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18/11/2020 08:30:23

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18/11/2020 08:30:14

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18/11/2020 07:42:49

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18/11/2020 07:42:38

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18/11/2020 06:08:24

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18/11/2020 05:20:40

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18/11/2020 05:20:31

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18/11/2020 05:20:15

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18/11/2020 04:34:10

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18/11/2020 03:48:13

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18/11/2020 03:48:01

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18/11/2020 03:47:55

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18/11/2020 03:47:47

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18/11/2020 03:01:35

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18/11/2020 03:01:30

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18/11/2020 02:16:47

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18/11/2020 02:16:40

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18/11/2020 02:16:34

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18/11/2020 01:32:19

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18/11/2020 01:32:00

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18/11/2020 00:30:13

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18/11/2020 00:30:07

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18/11/2020 00:30:02

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18/11/2020 00:29:55

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18/11/2020 00:29:49

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17/11/2020 23:44:56

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17/11/2020 23:44:50

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17/11/2020 23:44:44

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17/11/2020 23:44:33

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17/11/2020 23:00:38

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17/11/2020 23:00:31

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17/11/2020 23:00:25

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17/11/2020 23:00:19

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17/11/2020 23:00:12

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17/11/2020 22:19:47

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17/11/2020 22:19:38

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17/11/2020 22:19:29

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17/11/2020 22:19:23

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17/11/2020 22:19:17

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17/11/2020 21:36:29

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17/11/2020 21:36:24

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17/11/2020 21:36:18

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17/11/2020 21:36:11

324 Could you ask him to call me? viagra oxxo I object to the implication you make in #3: “Inoffensive people, turning out inoffensive drivel.” There are plenty of inoffensive people turning out offensive drivel, plenty of offensive people turning out inoffensive drivel, and plenty of both offensive and inoffensive people turning out good work. That binary is ridiculous though, because it implies that not being a horrible human being means you can’t make vibrant, entertaining, interesting, complex art. It implies that not being an offensive person means you are uninteresting or uncomplicated. Think bigger than that, because if being offensive as a person or offensive (i.e., cruel and inhumane) is your metric on the quality of art, doesn’t that get just as dull?

17/11/2020 21:36:06

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17/11/2020 20:54:45

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17/11/2020 20:54:39

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17/11/2020 20:54:31

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17/11/2020 20:54:23

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17/11/2020 20:54:16

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17/11/2020 08:00:05

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17/11/2020 08:00:01

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17/11/2020 07:59:53

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17/11/2020 07:59:48

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17/11/2020 07:59:41

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17/11/2020 07:13:13

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17/11/2020 07:13:08

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17/11/2020 07:13:02

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17/11/2020 07:12:56

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17/11/2020 07:12:49

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17/11/2020 06:26:34

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17/11/2020 06:26:27

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17/11/2020 06:26:20

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17/11/2020 06:26:13

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17/11/2020 06:26:06

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17/11/2020 05:43:12

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17/11/2020 05:43:06

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17/11/2020 05:43:00

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17/11/2020 05:42:55

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17/11/2020 05:42:50

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17/11/2020 04:58:32

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17/11/2020 04:58:25

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17/11/2020 04:58:19

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17/11/2020 04:58:14

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17/11/2020 04:58:08

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17/11/2020 04:37:03

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17/11/2020 04:36:58

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17/11/2020 04:36:51

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17/11/2020 04:36:46

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17/11/2020 04:36:40

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17/11/2020 04:35:44

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17/11/2020 04:35:35

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17/11/2020 04:35:27

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17/11/2020 04:35:18

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17/11/2020 04:35:10

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17/11/2020 04:34:51

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17/11/2020 04:34:44

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17/11/2020 04:34:38

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17/11/2020 04:34:32

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17/11/2020 04:34:27

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17/11/2020 04:31:08

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17/11/2020 04:31:03

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17/11/2020 04:30:57

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17/11/2020 04:30:50

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17/11/2020 04:30:50

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17/11/2020 04:30:44

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17/11/2020 04:30:38

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17/11/2020 04:30:33

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17/11/2020 04:30:28

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17/11/2020 04:29:58

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17/11/2020 04:29:52

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17/11/2020 04:29:46

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17/11/2020 04:29:39

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17/11/2020 04:29:33

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17/11/2020 04:29:25

386 I'm self-employed best fairness cream "Helen Thomas was a trailblazer in journalism and in the White House press corps," said Steven Thomma, president of the White House Correspondents Association. "Women and men who’ve followed in the press corps all owe a debt of gratitude for the work Helen did and the doors she opened. All of our journalism is the better for it."

17/11/2020 04:29:19

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17/11/2020 04:29:12

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17/11/2020 04:29:07

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17/11/2020 04:29:00

390 I'm on holiday vgr800 SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 20: Actor Hugh Jackman speaks at the 20th Century Fox 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' panel during Comic-Con International 2013 at San Diego Convention Center on July 20, 2013 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

17/11/2020 04:27:12

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17/11/2020 04:27:07

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17/11/2020 04:27:01

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17/11/2020 04:26:55

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17/11/2020 04:26:50

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17/11/2020 04:15:15

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17/11/2020 04:15:11

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17/11/2020 04:15:06

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17/11/2020 04:15:00

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17/11/2020 04:14:55

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17/11/2020 04:09:08

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17/11/2020 04:09:03

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17/11/2020 04:08:57

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17/11/2020 04:08:47

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17/11/2020 03:59:49

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17/11/2020 03:59:43

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17/11/2020 03:59:37

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17/11/2020 03:59:30

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17/11/2020 03:59:24

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17/11/2020 03:53:04

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17/11/2020 03:52:58

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17/11/2020 03:52:53

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17/11/2020 03:52:46

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17/11/2020 03:52:40

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17/11/2020 03:52:01

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17/11/2020 03:51:56

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17/11/2020 03:51:51

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17/11/2020 03:51:45

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17/11/2020 03:51:39

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17/11/2020 03:49:14

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17/11/2020 03:49:03

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17/11/2020 03:48:58

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17/11/2020 03:48:53

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17/11/2020 03:48:07

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17/11/2020 03:48:02

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17/11/2020 03:47:57

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17/11/2020 03:47:56

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17/11/2020 03:47:52

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17/11/2020 03:47:51

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17/11/2020 03:47:46

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17/11/2020 03:47:39

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17/11/2020 03:47:34

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17/11/2020 03:46:09

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17/11/2020 03:46:04

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17/11/2020 03:45:59

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17/11/2020 03:45:54

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17/11/2020 03:45:48

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17/11/2020 03:32:41

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17/11/2020 03:32:35

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17/11/2020 03:32:30

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17/11/2020 03:32:25

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17/11/2020 03:32:20

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17/11/2020 03:27:09

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17/11/2020 03:27:04

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17/11/2020 03:26:59

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17/11/2020 03:26:56

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17/11/2020 03:26:50

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17/11/2020 03:22:06

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17/11/2020 03:22:03

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17/11/2020 03:21:57

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17/11/2020 03:21:52

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17/11/2020 03:21:45

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17/11/2020 03:10:34

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17/11/2020 03:10:29

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17/11/2020 03:10:15

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17/11/2020 03:10:08

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17/11/2020 03:09:32

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17/11/2020 03:09:27

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17/11/2020 03:09:23

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17/11/2020 03:09:17

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17/11/2020 03:09:12

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17/11/2020 03:08:02

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17/11/2020 03:07:56

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17/11/2020 03:07:51

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17/11/2020 03:07:45

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17/11/2020 03:07:40

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17/11/2020 03:07:22

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17/11/2020 03:07:18

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17/11/2020 03:07:13

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17/11/2020 03:07:08

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17/11/2020 03:07:03

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17/11/2020 03:05:58

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17/11/2020 03:05:52

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17/11/2020 03:05:50

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17/11/2020 03:05:48

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17/11/2020 03:05:45

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17/11/2020 03:05:44

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17/11/2020 03:05:40

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17/11/2020 03:05:38

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17/11/2020 03:05:33

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17/11/2020 03:05:27

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17/11/2020 03:04:55

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17/11/2020 03:04:51

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17/11/2020 03:04:47

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17/11/2020 03:04:41

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17/11/2020 03:04:37

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17/11/2020 02:50:43

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17/11/2020 02:50:39

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17/11/2020 02:50:35

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17/11/2020 02:50:32

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17/11/2020 02:50:25

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17/11/2020 02:46:15

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17/11/2020 02:46:10

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17/11/2020 02:46:04

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17/11/2020 02:45:59

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17/11/2020 02:45:55

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17/11/2020 02:45:24

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17/11/2020 02:45:20

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17/11/2020 02:45:15

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17/11/2020 02:45:11

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17/11/2020 02:45:07

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17/11/2020 02:29:53

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17/11/2020 02:29:49

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17/11/2020 02:29:43

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17/11/2020 02:29:38

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17/11/2020 02:29:33

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17/11/2020 02:28:38

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17/11/2020 02:28:34

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17/11/2020 02:28:31

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17/11/2020 02:28:26

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17/11/2020 02:28:22

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17/11/2020 02:27:20

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17/11/2020 02:27:16

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17/11/2020 02:27:15

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17/11/2020 02:27:14

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17/11/2020 02:27:11

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17/11/2020 02:27:10

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17/11/2020 02:27:06

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17/11/2020 02:27:06

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17/11/2020 02:27:01

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17/11/2020 02:27:00

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17/11/2020 02:26:02

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17/11/2020 02:25:58

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17/11/2020 02:25:53

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17/11/2020 02:25:48

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17/11/2020 02:25:43

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17/11/2020 02:25:43

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17/11/2020 02:25:38

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17/11/2020 02:25:33

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17/11/2020 02:25:29

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17/11/2020 02:25:25

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17/11/2020 02:25:06

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17/11/2020 02:25:02

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17/11/2020 02:24:57

539 Gloomy tales does cialis require a prescription It might look and sound like Guncraft is just Minecraft with guns, but it isn’t. I promise. What Guncraft is, is a unique little first person shooter that looks somewhat similar to Mojang’s title, but only in its aesthetic.  Guncraft focuses on its online multiplayer, […]

17/11/2020 02:24:53

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17/11/2020 02:24:49

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17/11/2020 02:09:44

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17/11/2020 02:09:39

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17/11/2020 02:09:34

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17/11/2020 02:09:32

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17/11/2020 02:09:29

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17/11/2020 02:09:28

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17/11/2020 02:09:24

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17/11/2020 02:09:24

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17/11/2020 02:09:20

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17/11/2020 02:09:16

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17/11/2020 02:05:56

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17/11/2020 02:05:52

553 I study here switching off tylenol and ibuprofen Material from the Associated Press is Copyright © 2010, Associated Press and may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Associated Press text, photo, graphic, audio and/or video material shall not be published, broadcast, rewritten for broadcast or publication or redistributed directly or indirectly in any medium. Neither these AP materials nor any portion thereof may be stored in a computer except for personal and noncommercial use. The AP will not be held liable for any delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions therefrom or in the transmission or delivery of all or any part thereof or for any damages arising from any of the foregoing. All rights reserved.

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554 How many weeks' holiday a year are there? does aleve contain ibuprofen tylenol Contractor arbitrator Richard Adelman on Friday sided with a union that represents Bronx, N.Y., bus drivers in a dispute over the MTA's proposal to cancel a shuttle service for the drivers. He's now been told by the NYC Transit division that he's being let go

17/11/2020 02:05:45

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17/11/2020 02:05:42

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17/11/2020 01:49:34

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17/11/2020 01:49:29

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17/11/2020 01:49:26

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17/11/2020 01:49:22

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17/11/2020 01:49:18

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17/11/2020 01:48:22

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17/11/2020 01:48:17

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17/11/2020 01:48:11

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17/11/2020 01:48:08

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17/11/2020 01:48:03

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17/11/2020 01:47:53

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17/11/2020 01:47:50

568 Excellent work, Nice Design terbinafine lotion in pakistan I confess my first instinct was to agree with the complainants. The scene in question mocks racism rather than endorsing it and generally speaking it’s a bad idea to pretend that the past was a nicer place than was actually the truth. The BBC is also sometimes twitchily over-responsive to potential rather than actual public distress (as in its decision to remove the Jimmy Savile episode of Desert Island Discs from its online archive rather than simply acknowledge that it was recorded in different circumstances). Surely, I thought, the audience is adult enough to be able to judge the intention and the nuances of the scene in question. And then I read a newspaper report on the matter and thought that it might be a little more complicated than I’d first assumed.

17/11/2020 01:47:46

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17/11/2020 01:47:42

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17/11/2020 01:47:38

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17/11/2020 01:47:18

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17/11/2020 01:47:15

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17/11/2020 01:47:11

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17/11/2020 01:47:08

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17/11/2020 01:47:04

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17/11/2020 01:46:18

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17/11/2020 01:46:14

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17/11/2020 01:46:14

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17/11/2020 01:46:10

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17/11/2020 01:46:09

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17/11/2020 01:46:05

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17/11/2020 01:46:02

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17/11/2020 01:46:01

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17/11/2020 01:45:16

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17/11/2020 01:45:13

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17/11/2020 01:45:09

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17/11/2020 01:45:06

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17/11/2020 01:45:01

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17/11/2020 01:34:23

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17/11/2020 01:34:17