66 « Evolution du marché des produits sidérurgiques 2018-2019 »


L’année 2018 a été une période assez instable du point de vu politico-financier, le marché de la sidérurgie n’a pas été à l’abri des différents dispositifs mis en œuvre en international, qui ont influencé directement ou indirectement sur le marché de la sidérurgie mondiale, entre autres les plus remarquables des décisions restent les mesures mises en place par les USA en mois de Septembre 2018, qui nous font vivre actuellement beaucoup de difficultés.
L’influence de ces décisions perdurera pour une période assez importante.
Le laminé à chaud en 2018, est fut l’exemple vivant et explicatif de la situation; en avril 2018 la BBL (bobine laminée à chaud) a chuté de 610-615 Dollars à 450 Dollars en fin d’année, soit une perte de 160-165 Dollars à la tonne.
SIDER EL HADJAR a vécu le même phénomène, mais a pu contrer cette dégringolade des prix de ventes, en concluant des contrats à long terme et en agissant dans les délais et en appropriant les actions adéquates aux différents marchés.

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22/11/2020 02:56:14

8 В 21 веке крепко укрепила позиции мода на ЗОЖ. Люди стараются следить за своей фигурой, заниматься спортом, есть здоровую пищу и наблюдать за спортивными конкурсами, которые становятся широко известными в последнее время. дилемма в том, что у современного человека мало времени смотреть все матчи и конкурсы своих фаворитов. Сейчас существует около двухсот видов спорта, по которым ежедневно проходят события различного значения: местные, региональные, федеральные и национальные. Соревнования транслируют ежеминутно. Как успеть посмотреть футбол, когда обожаемые мною бои идет в то же время? Что делать,если гонки показывают в тот час, когда я работаю? На помощь приходят спортивные новостные порталы. тематический новостной портал это виртуальная площадка, на которой показываются итоги минувших соревнований. Кроме того, с их поддержкой можно выяснить спортивные новости, интересные подробности о фаворитах, секретные подробности конфиденциальной и профессиональной жизни конкретных команд. Определенные ресурсы включают в себя собственный видеопроигрыватель, так что вникать в тематический материал допустимо не отрываясь от мониторов. Новостных площадок в интернете присутствует более сотни и ежедневно возникают недавно разработанные. Найти хороший и проверенный сайт можно по ряду характеристик: Новизна материала. необходимо посмотреть, насколько востребованную информацию размещают модераторы. наполненность информацией. основные разделы должны быть расписаны легким и понятным словами. Функциональность. имеется ли у портала второстепенные опции? возможно изучать контент в мультимедийном формате? Как распространить контент друзьям без очевидного копирования. Технологичность. У платформы быстрая скорость загрузки? Не виснет ли она в момент просмотра? Контактные данные. как поговорить с модераторами и другими гостями. Кому задавать вопросы? помимо этого, качественный сайт имеет собственную редакцию. репортеры могут подогревать и поддерживать интерес гостя. На такой площадке имеются социальные голосования, подарки, соревнования, рубрификаторы, материал от зрителей. стандартный портал превращается в укомплектованную спортивную социальную сеть, посещать которую увлекательно. Как вариант, посетите новостной ресурс спорт новости . главредом платформы является известный отечественный журналист Юрий Дудь. Организация размещает сотни рекламных интеграций, платит зрителям за интересные новостные подборки, позволяет общаться на авторской платформе, похожей обычный twitter. Каждая инновация здесь рассматривается гостями сайта и не принимается без их согласия. по итогу, тема новостных спортивных порталов сейчас как никогда востребована. Благодаря [хорошему ресурсу любитель спортивных мероприятий способен наблюдать за состязаниями без ущерба для карьеры и домашних дел. Такой портал заменяет собой просмотр длительного матча, сообщая конечный счет и в ярких красках изображая самые сложные и захватывающие моменты турнира.

22/11/2020 02:41:51

9 В 21 веке крепко укрепила позиции мода на здоровый образ жизни. Люди стараются следить за своей фигурой, заниматься спортом, есть здоровую пищу и следить за спортивными конкурсами, которые набирают все большую популярность в последнее время. Проблема в том, что у современника мало времени просматривать все матчи и конкурсы любимых команд. Сейчас существует около 200 спортивных мероприятий, по ним ежедневно проводятся события всевозможного масштаба: городские, региональные, государственные и международные. Соревнования показывают каждую минуту. Как успеть посмотреть футбол, когда любимый бокс проходят в то же время? Что делать,когда гоночный спорт транслируют в ту минуту, когда я работаю? На выручку спешат ресурсы, размещающие спортивные новости. тематический новостной платформа это интернет ресурс, на которой транслируются результаты прошедших турниров. помимо этого, с их поддержкой можно выяснить спортивный дайджест, любопытные факты о фаворитах, тайные детали личной и рабочей повседневности конкретных клубов. Некоторые сайты имеют собственный видеопроигрыватель, так что вникать в тематический материал допустимо не отрываясь от экранов. Новостных площадок в интернете существует больше ста и ежедневно появляются новые. Выбрать хороший и проверенный сайт можно по ряду характеристик: Новизна материала. Нужно проверить, насколько востребованную информацию размещают администраторы. наполненность информацией. главные опции должны быть описаны простым и доступным языком. Наполнение. Есть ли у платформы дополнительные функции? возможно изучать контент в мультимедийном варианте? Как расшерить материал друзьям без прямого копирования. Техническое оснащение. У платформы быстрая скорость загрузки? Не тормозит ли она во время посещения? Обратная связь. Можно ли поговорить с администраторами и другими гостями. Кому задавать вопросы? помимо этого, качественный сайт включает в себя собственную редакционное бюро. репортеры умеют привлекать и поддерживать интерес гостя. На такой платформе имеются общественные голосования, призы, конкурсы,система хэштэгов, контент от пользователей. стандартный портал перевоплощается в полноценную спортивную социальную сеть, посещать которую интересно. Как вариант, посетите новостник sport . главредом площадки является популярный российский обозреватель Юрий Дудь. Организация размещает множество коммерческих проектов, дает деньги посетителям за интересные новости, позволяет общаться на фирменной платформе, похожей обычный twitter. Каждая новая фишка тут рассматривается участниками ресурса и не вводится без их одобрения. В общем, тема виртуального спортивного дайджеста в настоящее время очень актуальна. Благодаря качественному ресурсу любитель спортивных мероприятий способен следить за состязаниями без ущерба для карьеры и домашних дел. Такой портал замещает собой просмотр двухчасового матча, извещая итоговый счет и в ярких красках описывая самые острые и захватывающие моменты игры.

22/11/2020 02:37:35

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16/11/2020 07:01:55

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16/11/2020 07:01:41

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16/11/2020 07:01:26

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16/11/2020 07:01:13

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16/11/2020 05:31:34

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16/11/2020 05:31:18

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16/11/2020 05:31:02

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16/11/2020 05:30:44

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16/11/2020 05:30:30

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16/11/2020 02:29:29

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16/11/2020 02:29:12

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16/11/2020 02:28:57

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16/11/2020 02:28:41

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16/11/2020 02:28:27

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16/11/2020 02:07:32

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16/11/2020 02:07:16

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16/11/2020 02:06:58

35 Just over two years Donahoe said delivering alcohol has the potential to raise as much as $50 million a year. He mentioned how customers might want to, for example, mail bottles of wine home when they tour vineyards. Donahoe said his agency has looked at the possibility of using special boxes that would hold two, four or six bottles and ship for a flat-rate to anywhere in the country.

16/11/2020 02:06:46

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16/11/2020 02:06:36

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16/11/2020 02:03:38

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16/11/2020 02:03:25

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16/11/2020 02:03:08

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16/11/2020 02:02:53

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16/11/2020 02:02:35

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16/11/2020 01:55:14

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16/11/2020 01:55:00

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16/11/2020 01:55:00

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16/11/2020 01:54:51

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16/11/2020 01:54:46

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16/11/2020 01:54:41

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16/11/2020 01:54:34

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16/11/2020 01:54:33

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16/11/2020 01:54:23

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16/11/2020 01:54:22

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16/11/2020 01:54:18

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16/11/2020 01:54:07

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16/11/2020 01:52:58

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16/11/2020 01:52:41

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16/11/2020 01:52:25

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16/11/2020 01:52:11

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16/11/2020 01:51:58

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16/11/2020 01:50:53

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16/11/2020 01:50:34

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16/11/2020 01:50:25

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16/11/2020 01:50:19

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16/11/2020 01:50:17

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16/11/2020 01:50:10

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16/11/2020 01:50:09

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16/11/2020 01:50:01

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16/11/2020 01:49:59

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16/11/2020 01:49:48

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16/11/2020 01:49:46

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16/11/2020 01:49:44

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16/11/2020 01:49:35

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16/11/2020 01:49:27

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16/11/2020 01:47:17

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16/11/2020 01:47:01

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16/11/2020 01:46:50

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16/11/2020 01:46:43

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16/11/2020 01:46:35

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16/11/2020 01:46:26

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16/11/2020 01:46:15

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16/11/2020 01:46:00

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16/11/2020 01:44:51

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16/11/2020 01:44:43

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16/11/2020 01:44:32

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16/11/2020 01:44:22

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16/11/2020 01:44:10

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16/11/2020 01:42:56

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16/11/2020 01:42:46

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16/11/2020 01:42:31

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16/11/2020 01:42:30

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16/11/2020 01:42:18

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16/11/2020 01:42:14

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16/11/2020 01:42:05

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16/11/2020 01:41:58

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16/11/2020 01:41:42

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16/11/2020 01:41:29

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16/11/2020 01:40:58

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16/11/2020 01:40:46

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16/11/2020 01:40:30

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16/11/2020 01:40:16

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16/11/2020 01:40:05

104 Where are you calling from? cheapest cialis in the uk "In spring of 2012, I made a terrible mistake that I deeply regret. I apologize to everyone that I have hurt as a result of my mistake, including my teammates, the Tigers' organization, the great fans in Detroit, Major League Baseball, and my family. I take full responsibility for my actions, have no excuses for my lapse in judgment and I accept my suspension. I love the fans, my teammates and this organization and my greatest punishment is knowing that I have let so many good people down. I promise to do everything possible to try and earn back the respect that I have lost." — Tigers shortstop Jhonny Peralta, suspended 50 games.

16/11/2020 01:40:00

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16/11/2020 01:39:49

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16/11/2020 01:39:40

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16/11/2020 01:39:29

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16/11/2020 01:39:18

109 Remove card suhagra-100 Gifts made by an individual during the five-year Medicaid look-back period will generally disqualify that person for nursing home Medicaid benefits for a period of time based on the dollar value of the gifts made. So, the larger the gift, the longer the penalty period.

16/11/2020 01:37:52

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16/11/2020 01:37:34

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16/11/2020 01:37:20

112 The line's engaged kamagra brausetabletten frau "We are going to see a massive increase in the use of Tasers when the latest figures are published in September. But there are no statistics to show that police are now in more danger. We ask where is the evidence? It is a hypothetical scenario they are creating which does not exist," she said.

16/11/2020 01:34:56

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16/11/2020 01:34:46

114 Could you give me some smaller notes? lansoprazole enteric-coated capsules In his admiring, well-researched documentary with a strong sense of place, director Greg Camalier traces the story of the Muscle Shoals phenomenon, and obtained access to stellar artists that made the town famous in the music business.

16/11/2020 01:34:38

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16/11/2020 01:34:37

116 Could I borrow your phone, please? buy levofloxacin uk Why are you making excuses? Get over it. Being a high school dropout is a CHOICE. Being a drug addict, teen mom, gang banger, criminal, etc. are CHOICES. I am so tired of others negative life choices being 'excused' away, and not taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for those CHOICES.

16/11/2020 01:34:28

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16/11/2020 01:34:22

118 Could you please repeat that? bayesian bodybuilding pdf Oh yeah, and there's this: It's such a politically unrealistic path to victory that most Republicans in the House and Senate have either declined to support the defund movement or outright denounced it. (North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, for example, has called the defund strategy "the dumbest idea I've ever heard of.")

16/11/2020 01:34:21

119 International directory enquiries etodolac 500 mg uses Hasan has remained mostly quiet during the proceedings, answering the judge with a brisk, polite "yes ma'am" or "I have no objections," and rarely cross-examining witnesses or challenging prosecution evidence. The trial has moved along much faster than expected because of Hasan's complacency in the proceedings.

16/11/2020 01:34:13

120 Could you transfer $1000 from my current account to my deposit account? danazol 200 mg price (Additional reporting by Andjarsari Paramaditha, Fathiya Dahrul and Viriya Paramita in Jakarta, Viparat Jantraprap in Bangkok and Tripti Kalro in Bangladesh. Editing by Jason Szep and Simon Cameron-Moore)

16/11/2020 01:34:08

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16/11/2020 01:34:06

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16/11/2020 01:33:54

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16/11/2020 01:33:53

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16/11/2020 01:33:41

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16/11/2020 01:33:40

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16/11/2020 01:33:28

127 About a year online wellbutrin Reminds me of an old cartoon from Consumers Reports. An executive, at a meeting says “We are all agreed consumers should be able to know what is in a hot dog but do they really want to know”

16/11/2020 01:30:43

128 Sorry, I'm busy at the moment doxycycline rosacea dosage 100mg Obamacare, which will account for more than two-thirds ofnext year's spending increase, is expected to add only 0.1percent to average spending growth over the decade or $621billion in cumulative spending, the report said. (Editing by James Dalgleish)

16/11/2020 01:30:27

129 What sort of music do you listen to? dapoxetine availability in india Yes there are a number of options available, you can set your browser either to reject all cookies, to allow only "trusted" sites to set them, or to only accept them from the site you are currently on.

16/11/2020 01:30:17

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16/11/2020 01:30:02

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16/11/2020 01:30:02

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16/11/2020 01:29:59

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16/11/2020 01:29:50

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16/11/2020 01:29:50

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16/11/2020 01:29:41

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16/11/2020 01:29:40

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16/11/2020 01:29:30

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16/11/2020 01:29:23

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16/11/2020 01:29:21

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16/11/2020 01:29:09

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16/11/2020 01:28:55

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16/11/2020 01:28:53

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16/11/2020 01:28:39

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16/11/2020 01:28:26

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16/11/2020 01:28:07

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16/11/2020 01:27:50

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16/11/2020 01:26:22

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16/11/2020 01:26:08

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16/11/2020 01:25:54

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16/11/2020 01:25:43

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16/11/2020 01:25:29

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16/11/2020 01:25:29

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16/11/2020 01:25:15

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16/11/2020 01:25:00

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16/11/2020 01:24:52

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16/11/2020 01:24:49

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16/11/2020 01:24:44

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16/11/2020 01:24:36

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16/11/2020 01:24:35

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16/11/2020 01:24:25

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16/11/2020 01:24:14

162 A packet of envelopes metronidazole topical cream 0.75 for perioral dermatitis Finally, Xi’s purposes may not be solely geopolitical. As is often the case in China, domestic political concerns often come first. Shen suggests that Xi may be trying to show audiences at home that he is strong, confident, and indisputably in charge at a time when Bo Xilai’s trial and anti-corruption purges have revealed divisions within the Communist Party leadership. 

16/11/2020 01:22:13

163 Could I ask who's calling? cephalexin tablets 500 mg Argentina has cut all financial ties with the IMF and relations between them have steadily deteriorated since Argentina's 2001-2002 debt crisis, which the center-left government and many ordinary Argentines blame on IMF policies.

16/11/2020 01:22:04

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16/11/2020 01:21:59

165 I'd like to tell you about a change of address is ibuprofen or acetaminophen better for muscle pain If Rodriguez indicates that he will appeal his looming suspension to stay on the field and protect his contract, commissioner Bud Selig is prepared to invoke his rarely used right to suspend a player to preserve the integrity of the game – a power embodied in Article XI, Section A1b of the game’s collective bargaining agreement. Doing so would effectively bypass the joint drug agreement between MLB and the union. Such a suspension would be effective immediately.

16/11/2020 01:21:53

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16/11/2020 01:21:40

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16/11/2020 01:21:39

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16/11/2020 01:21:27

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16/11/2020 01:21:24

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16/11/2020 01:21:11

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16/11/2020 01:21:10

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16/11/2020 01:20:06

173 Have you got any qualifications? marine d3 USDA also reports large export sales - 100,000 tons or moreof corn, soybeans or wheat to a single destination in one day -that often move markets. On Sept. 18 the agency reported 1.93million tons of soybeans to China, the fifth-largest daily saleever.

16/11/2020 01:19:52

174 I'd like , please tetracycline hydrochloride ointment for acne The Miami Herald is pleased to provide this opportunity to share information, experiences and observations about what's in the news. Some of the comments may be reprinted elsewhere on the site or in the newspaper. We encourage lively, open debate on the issues of the day, and ask that you refrain from profanity, hate speech, personal comments and remarks that are off point. Thank you for taking the time to offer your thoughts.

16/11/2020 01:19:44

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16/11/2020 01:19:37

176 I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name keflex generic price Gina was my teammate. She never let me fall. I never let her fall. She nursed me back to health when I was dying from his abuse. My friendship with her is the only thing that was good out of this situation. We said we would someday make it out alive, and we did.

16/11/2020 01:19:27

177 US dollars go combat Putin is a chessmaster playing against a checkers exponent, and is simply too smart for Obama who is now like a confused beached whale thrashing about. His totally unconvincing and lying Sec of State is not helping matters..only makes the US look very untrustworthy, like a mafia enforcer. Have these US buffoons realised that they've gotten drunk even before the party has started?

16/11/2020 01:18:47

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16/11/2020 01:18:33

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16/11/2020 01:18:16

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16/11/2020 01:18:05

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16/11/2020 01:17:51

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16/11/2020 01:16:51

183 Could I have an application form? indocin used for pda Finally, after being called for his third consecutive penalty, Wilson was ordered off the field by defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman. Wilson was called for holding, illegal contact and a personal foul. He couldn’t contain wideout Stevie Johnson (six catches, 86 yards) within the rules of the game, so Rex Ryan benched the third-year veteran. The penalties opened the door for the Bills to tie the game at 20-all with 10 minutes left.

16/11/2020 01:16:39

184 I'm a trainee famvir reddit A £50 goodwill payment had been promised but nothing had actually been done. You then received two more standard letters. One asked you to read the meter. The other confirmed the supplier had arranged to close the electricity account, although it supplies gas as well. It gave a date some four months earlier. There was also a standard apology.

16/11/2020 01:16:27

185 Is there ? zantac buy uk LONDON, Sept 24 (Reuters) - Britain's aviation regulator onTuesday launched a review into offshore helicopter operations inthe North Sea, a month after four oil workers were killed whentheir helicopter crashed into the sea off Scotland's Shetlandislands.

16/11/2020 01:16:16

186 Looking for a job "At this time, 49 states do little or nothing to stop malicious individuals from endangering lives and reputations by distributing sexually graphic pictures of people without their consent," said Mary Anne Franks, a professor at University of Miami School of Law. "Both state and federal criminal laws are needed to prevent and address this form of sexual abuse."

16/11/2020 01:16:02

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16/11/2020 01:14:53

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16/11/2020 01:14:43

189 I'm happy very good site emergency survival medical kits The S&P 500 stock index, however, rose a slight 0.1 percent over Lipper's weekly reporting period. Still, investors pulled $4.5 billion from funds that hold U.S. stocks, which accounted for the total net withdrawals from stock funds.

16/11/2020 01:14:36

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16/11/2020 01:14:28

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16/11/2020 01:14:25

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16/11/2020 01:14:21

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16/11/2020 01:14:14

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16/11/2020 01:14:03

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16/11/2020 01:13:53

196 Until August buy tamoxifen citrate no prescription Though the status of the Rohingya is debated, most Muslims in other parts of Myanmar do have full citizenship. Some families claiming roots dating back at least a century to colonial times, when British authorities placed Muslim outsiders as bureaucrats in Myanmar to help control the Buddhist population.

16/11/2020 01:13:42

197 Where's the postbox? people's pharmacy norvasc “Many people don’t like them because of what they did when they ruled,” Amal Sharaf, an activist with the April 6 movement that launched some of the earliest protests against Hosni Mubarak in 2008, said of the military.

16/11/2020 01:12:59

198 I'm from England trenbolone wikipedia And I wouldn't overpay the Angels at any cost if it were my decision. Yes, we're all in agreement that the Cardinals are much better off without Albert Pujols. But that doesn't excuse Anaheim from the responsibility it has for offering a 32-year-old player a quarter of a billion contract that destroyed the last shreds of sanity in the MLB cost structure.

16/11/2020 01:12:45

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16/11/2020 01:12:33

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16/11/2020 01:09:50

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16/11/2020 01:09:30

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16/11/2020 01:09:28

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16/11/2020 01:09:06

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16/11/2020 01:06:02

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16/11/2020 01:04:52

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16/11/2020 01:02:40

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16/11/2020 01:01:55

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16/11/2020 01:00:07

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16/11/2020 00:57:39

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16/11/2020 00:56:41

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16/11/2020 00:54:20

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16/11/2020 00:52:37

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16/11/2020 00:47:37

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16/11/2020 00:45:51

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16/11/2020 00:45:43

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16/11/2020 00:45:00

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16/11/2020 00:44:49

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16/11/2020 00:44:48

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16/11/2020 00:44:37

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16/11/2020 00:44:00

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16/11/2020 00:43:41

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16/11/2020 00:43:26

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16/11/2020 00:43:05

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16/11/2020 00:42:46

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16/11/2020 00:41:39

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16/11/2020 00:41:15

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16/11/2020 00:40:55

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16/11/2020 00:39:43

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16/11/2020 00:39:39

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16/11/2020 00:39:30

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16/11/2020 00:39:01

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16/11/2020 00:36:52

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16/11/2020 00:36:39

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16/11/2020 00:36:32

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16/11/2020 00:36:02

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16/11/2020 00:35:45

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16/11/2020 00:35:24

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16/11/2020 00:35:15

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16/11/2020 00:33:23

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16/11/2020 00:33:14

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16/11/2020 00:33:05

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16/11/2020 00:32:58

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16/11/2020 00:32:57

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16/11/2020 00:32:49

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16/11/2020 00:32:01

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16/11/2020 00:31:19

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16/11/2020 00:30:23

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16/11/2020 00:29:52

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16/11/2020 00:29:43

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16/11/2020 00:28:18

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16/11/2020 00:27:25

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16/11/2020 00:23:30

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16/11/2020 00:21:57

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16/11/2020 00:21:47

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16/11/2020 00:21:40

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16/11/2020 00:21:32

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16/11/2020 00:21:29

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16/11/2020 00:21:28

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16/11/2020 00:21:23

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16/11/2020 00:21:22

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16/11/2020 00:21:15

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16/11/2020 00:20:46

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16/11/2020 00:20:44

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16/11/2020 00:20:41

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16/11/2020 00:20:27

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16/11/2020 00:19:07

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16/11/2020 00:18:59

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16/11/2020 00:18:51

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16/11/2020 00:18:50

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16/11/2020 00:18:41

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16/11/2020 00:18:28

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16/11/2020 00:16:58

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16/11/2020 00:11:58

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16/11/2020 00:10:34

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16/11/2020 00:10:22

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16/11/2020 00:10:03

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16/11/2020 00:09:56

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16/11/2020 00:09:50

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16/11/2020 00:09:37

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16/11/2020 00:09:31

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16/11/2020 00:09:30

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16/11/2020 00:09:29

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16/11/2020 00:09:23

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16/11/2020 00:09:22

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16/11/2020 00:09:17

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16/11/2020 00:09:10

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16/11/2020 00:07:58

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16/11/2020 00:07:51

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16/11/2020 00:06:57

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16/11/2020 00:06:44

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16/11/2020 00:03:51

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16/11/2020 00:01:46

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16/11/2020 00:01:42

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16/11/2020 00:01:37

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16/11/2020 00:01:33

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16/11/2020 00:01:29

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16/11/2020 00:01:06

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16/11/2020 00:00:53

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16/11/2020 00:00:46

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15/11/2020 23:59:53

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15/11/2020 23:59:45

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15/11/2020 23:59:40

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15/11/2020 23:59:32

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15/11/2020 23:59:21

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15/11/2020 23:59:17

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15/11/2020 23:59:10

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15/11/2020 23:59:04

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15/11/2020 23:58:46

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15/11/2020 23:58:38

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15/11/2020 23:58:32

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15/11/2020 23:58:27

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15/11/2020 23:58:26

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15/11/2020 23:58:20

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15/11/2020 23:58:19

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15/11/2020 23:58:13

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15/11/2020 23:58:07

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15/11/2020 23:58:01

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15/11/2020 23:57:38

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15/11/2020 23:57:32

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15/11/2020 23:57:26

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15/11/2020 23:57:21

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15/11/2020 23:57:16

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15/11/2020 23:56:11

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15/11/2020 23:56:06

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15/11/2020 23:56:00

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15/11/2020 23:55:56

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15/11/2020 23:55:51

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15/11/2020 23:53:29

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15/11/2020 23:53:23

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15/11/2020 23:53:19

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15/11/2020 23:53:15

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15/11/2020 23:53:10

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15/11/2020 23:50:14

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15/11/2020 23:50:08

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15/11/2020 23:50:03

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15/11/2020 23:49:57

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15/11/2020 23:49:03

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15/11/2020 23:48:58

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15/11/2020 23:48:51

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15/11/2020 23:48:37

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15/11/2020 23:48:04

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15/11/2020 23:47:58

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15/11/2020 23:47:53

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15/11/2020 23:47:49

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15/11/2020 23:47:44

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15/11/2020 23:47:39

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15/11/2020 23:47:32

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15/11/2020 23:47:27

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15/11/2020 23:47:27

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15/11/2020 23:47:22

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15/11/2020 23:47:19

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15/11/2020 23:47:12

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15/11/2020 23:47:08

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15/11/2020 23:47:03

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15/11/2020 23:46:15

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15/11/2020 23:46:10

522 This site is crazy :) monq stores near me t's easier for me to identify with Trayvon Martin than George Zimmerman. As a teenager, I discovered what it was like to be hassled by a strange community's Neighborhood Watch, whose members once profiled me and my beat-up car with the Grateful Dead stickers parked on their leafy street after dark. (I was lost and had pulled over to look at a map.) And as an adult with some libertarian tendencies, I've bumped heads a time or two with self-appointed (and self-important) do-gooders and homeowners association types with way too much time on their hands.

15/11/2020 23:46:05

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15/11/2020 23:45:57

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15/11/2020 23:45:52

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15/11/2020 23:45:15

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15/11/2020 23:45:09

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15/11/2020 23:45:06

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15/11/2020 23:45:02

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15/11/2020 23:44:58

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15/11/2020 23:43:32

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15/11/2020 23:43:28

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15/11/2020 23:43:23

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15/11/2020 23:43:18

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15/11/2020 23:43:14

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15/11/2020 23:41:30

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15/11/2020 23:41:26

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15/11/2020 23:41:21

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15/11/2020 23:41:17

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15/11/2020 23:41:10

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15/11/2020 23:39:43

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15/11/2020 23:39:38

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15/11/2020 23:39:33

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15/11/2020 23:39:28

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15/11/2020 23:39:20

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15/11/2020 23:38:32

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15/11/2020 23:38:23

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15/11/2020 23:38:19

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15/11/2020 23:38:15

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15/11/2020 23:38:11

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15/11/2020 23:37:39

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15/11/2020 23:37:32

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15/11/2020 23:37:31

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15/11/2020 23:37:28

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15/11/2020 23:37:26

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15/11/2020 23:37:23

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15/11/2020 23:37:22

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15/11/2020 23:37:21

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15/11/2020 23:37:18

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15/11/2020 23:37:18

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15/11/2020 23:37:17

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15/11/2020 23:37:15

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15/11/2020 23:37:14

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15/11/2020 23:37:13

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15/11/2020 23:37:11

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15/11/2020 23:37:05

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15/11/2020 23:36:24

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15/11/2020 23:36:20

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15/11/2020 23:36:15

569 A few months zofran injection price In addition, there were several smaller contracts in the GAO report specifically earmarked for the “Web portal,” totaling $55 million. How much of the remaining funds could have gone in part to website-related costs we do not know. As of press time, officials had not returned calls for clarification.

15/11/2020 23:36:11

570 Thanks for calling lasix not working for congestive heart failure In April, the IRS said its 90,000 employees would need to take five furlough days this year as part of across-the-board "sequester" budget cuts. The IRS has closed call centers and other taxpayer services on furlough days.

15/11/2020 23:36:07

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15/11/2020 23:35:44

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15/11/2020 23:35:40

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15/11/2020 23:35:35

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15/11/2020 23:35:32

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15/11/2020 23:35:30

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15/11/2020 23:35:28

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15/11/2020 23:35:25

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15/11/2020 23:35:23

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15/11/2020 23:29:29

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15/11/2020 23:29:25

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15/11/2020 23:29:22

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15/11/2020 23:29:21

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15/11/2020 23:29:18

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15/11/2020 23:29:17

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15/11/2020 23:29:15

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15/11/2020 23:29:13

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15/11/2020 23:29:09

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15/11/2020 23:29:05

589 What are the hours of work? vimax oil review If you are hellbent on having a flutter, National Savings & Investments Premium Bonds pays a £1m prize each month with nearly two million other prizes, an a one in 26,000 chance of winning one of them, for each £1 stake (although most people hold far more). The upside is you get unlimited plays and your money back whenever you want it. The downside is that the odds of winning £1m are around one in 40 billion.

15/11/2020 23:28:30

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15/11/2020 23:28:27

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15/11/2020 23:28:23

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15/11/2020 23:28:19

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15/11/2020 23:28:15

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15/11/2020 23:28:12

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15/11/2020 23:28:09

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15/11/2020 23:28:03

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15/11/2020 23:28:00

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15/11/2020 23:27:53

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15/11/2020 23:27:50

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15/11/2020 23:27:45

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15/11/2020 23:27:42

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15/11/2020 23:27:42

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15/11/2020 23:27:37

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15/11/2020 23:27:33

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15/11/2020 23:27:29

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15/11/2020 23:27:25

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15/11/2020 23:27:05

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15/11/2020 23:27:00

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15/11/2020 23:26:57

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15/11/2020 23:26:53

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15/11/2020 23:26:50

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15/11/2020 23:26:39

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15/11/2020 23:26:36

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15/11/2020 23:26:32

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15/11/2020 23:26:29

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15/11/2020 23:26:27

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15/11/2020 23:26:14

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15/11/2020 23:26:11

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15/11/2020 23:26:08

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15/11/2020 23:26:04

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15/11/2020 23:26:00

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15/11/2020 23:22:01

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15/11/2020 23:21:58

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15/11/2020 23:21:55

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15/11/2020 23:21:51

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15/11/2020 23:21:46

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15/11/2020 23:19:35

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15/11/2020 23:19:32

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15/11/2020 23:19:06

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15/11/2020 23:19:04

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15/11/2020 23:18:59

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15/11/2020 23:18:55

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15/11/2020 23:18:55

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15/11/2020 23:18:52

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15/11/2020 23:18:51

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15/11/2020 23:18:50

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15/11/2020 23:18:49

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15/11/2020 23:18:48

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15/11/2020 23:18:48

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15/11/2020 23:18:45

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15/11/2020 23:18:45

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15/11/2020 23:18:45

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15/11/2020 23:18:43

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15/11/2020 23:18:41

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15/11/2020 23:18:40

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15/11/2020 23:18:39

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15/11/2020 23:18:32

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15/11/2020 23:18:29

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15/11/2020 23:18:13

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15/11/2020 23:18:10

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15/11/2020 23:18:07

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15/11/2020 23:18:04

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15/11/2020 23:18:02

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15/11/2020 23:17:24

657 I'm doing an internship kingsley pharmacy opening times "Well, it was heartbreaking and sad and we've been advised not to comment on an ongoing legal investigation," Tebow, the former Jets backup quarterback, said Friday after his first training camp practice with the Patriots. "So, I'm not going to comment further. But it's just heartbreaking and sad and all my thoughts and prayers go out to the families involved."

15/11/2020 23:17:21

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15/11/2020 23:17:16

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15/11/2020 23:17:10

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15/11/2020 23:14:32

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15/11/2020 23:14:29

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15/11/2020 23:14:27

664 I'll put him on lexapro manufacturer assistance Without geography—or any teaching that emphasizes spatial thinking—the focus will remain on the data, and that’s a mistake. Yes, data are undeniably important but they are not holy. Data are middlemen. Even the term “data visualization” overemphasizes the role of the middleman, and mischaracterizes the objective of the activity. Nobody wants to see data; nobody learns from that. The best visualizations never celebrate the data; instead they make us learn about worldly phenomena and forget about the data. After all, who looks at the Mona Lisa to think about the paints?

15/11/2020 23:14:25

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15/11/2020 23:14:23

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15/11/2020 23:10:23

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15/11/2020 23:10:21

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15/11/2020 23:10:19

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15/11/2020 23:10:12

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15/11/2020 23:10:12

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15/11/2020 23:10:06

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15/11/2020 23:10:04

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15/11/2020 23:10:04

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15/11/2020 23:10:01

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15/11/2020 23:09:58

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15/11/2020 23:09:53

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15/11/2020 23:09:52

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15/11/2020 23:09:47

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15/11/2020 23:09:44

685 Could you ask him to call me? amoxicillin dosage dental implant --LHP Andy Pettitte's final major league start was a gem, his first complete-game since 2006, in a 2-1 win on Sept. 28 in Houston, his hometown. Pettitte (256-153) finished the season with an 11-11 record, making him the only pitcher in baseball history with at least 15 years in the majors never to have a losing campaign. "There was no way I could dream of a complete game," Pettitte said. "To finish it up here was absolutely incredible. I'm so excited about being at home. It's just a new chapter in my life. It's time."

15/11/2020 23:09:42

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15/11/2020 23:09:05

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15/11/2020 23:09:02

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15/11/2020 23:09:00

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15/11/2020 23:08:59

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15/11/2020 23:07:15

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15/11/2020 23:07:13

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15/11/2020 23:07:11

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